Why We Need SEO?

Although it requires a lot of work doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the fact of the matter is that you would be leaving a lot of money on the table if you don’t do SEO. Why? For the reasons you will see below.

1. SEO Equals Authority, and Profits

In the internet market space in Vancouver, websites that are at the top of the search engines are often perceived as authorities on the subject they are talking about as against websites that do not rank at all. This really is not surprising. Within the last few years (actually, five years ago), Google has changed its ranking algorithm so much that there actually 200 ranking factors that can affect the ranking of any website. Despite their numbers, though, they determine only two factors: RELEVANCE and AUTHORITY.

And so you will find that most websites at the top of the search results are authority websites that have been for many years, like Forbes, Investopedia (for investment-related topics), WebMD (for medical-related topics).

The thing about being considered a local authority in Vancouver is that your website readers/visitors are highly more likely to buy what you recommend. In terms of conversion rates for a Vancouver local business, like plumbing, locksmith, etc, it can go up to 25% high. So, for every hundred people that visit your website, 25 of them will do business with you, like buy a product you recommend. Other marketing channels like pay-per-click advertising only convert at a very low percentage.

2. True Passive Income

While it takes time to get your website from invisible to top 1 in the rankings, once you are there, though, it will be difficult to take you down, unless if you do something really extreme like blasting your website with spam links. So, while it takes on average one to three years to reach the top of Google, your rankings will stick, even if you do not do any more work. Compare this to advertising and social media marketing. You have to be constantly in the loop of other people’s attention in order to be profitable.

For most people who are doing SEO on their websites, the prospect of earning true passive income is enough motivation for them to get up in the morning and the work required.

3. Data mining and profit-making opportunities

For those of us who are already doing search engine optimization, it’s really a matter of hitting two birds with one stone. We really do not need to tell you, but a big part of doing SEO tracking your rankings in the search engines. Often this leads to the discovery of keywords that you would not expect to see.

You might just discover that you web pages are ranking for keywords. These keywords may relate to a specific brand of product in the market(it happens!). And since you are already ranking for the keyword, you only need to see if there is an affiliate program associated with that product so you can tap into it and make a sale and earn commissions.

As you can see, there are three reasons for doing SEO. However, these big reasons can make you very profitable.

But let us tell you beforehand, though. SEO is a lot of work that can leave you tied to a chair for hours on end every day. Thankfully, there are many agencies and freelancers out there that do work for their clients. What you want to do is to search for them and see if they offer what you need.

As it is, there are three different types of SEO: 1) general SEO or rankings on computer-based searches, mobile or rankings for smartphone searches and other mobile devices, and 2) local SEO or ranking for keywords that indicate a specific geographic location, which is Vancouver in our case.

If you are a dentist in Vancouver, you will definitely want to spend time looking for SEO experts who specializes in local search engine optimization. Still, you can further narrow your search by looking for those who are experienced in ranking websites for dental practices.

How much does it cost to get the work done? Well, that really depends on the difficulty of the keyword you want to rank for because it affects the amount of work that is needed. It also depends on whether or not you are hiring a freelancer or a professional SEO agency, but as we discussed in another article, hiring an SEO expert can be well worth the price.

If you are ready to make your website rank on Google’s search engine, make sure that you are in it for the long haul and that you have a monthly SEO budget that lasts one year to two years. Like we said, making a website rank for any keyword takes a lot of work. With the right content and the right technique, a Vancouver local website can get to page one for a medium difficult keyword within only one year. But for the #1 position, on average, the top websites takes two to three years to get there.